Who are we?

We are an R&D mentorship and professional writing Service Ed-Tech platform, bridging a gap of academic research solutions by offering R&D mentorship and writing assistance with premium service providers. We onboard mentors who graduated from premium institutes like the IITs IIMs, who are not only subject experts in their field but are also passionate about research and share their knowledge with aspiring researchers, building research solutions for the future. Our team of mentors guides students while also providing them with valid recommendations to institutes and facilities to aid in their research.

We also offer research solutions for Industrial needs.

Our principle moto is to enhance R&D to build innovation.

Our Vision

We aim to increase awareness about the importance of research and improve the number of researchers in our society. We extend a helping hand to guide struggling researchers and those aspiring to dive into the research world. While many researchers lack proper guidance in their research, some fall short of the right resources to do their research. We intend to bring a community of researchers together where a student can find their right mentor who fits like “a missing piece of the puzzle” in their project. Our goals also include increasing the awareness of mental health and helping many understand that they are not alone in their struggle.

Why do you need Research mentorship?

If you are asking that question, then it means two things:

  1. You already have a wonderful mentor and the needed resources and are resting with your hands behind your head, metally.
  2. You are yet to encounter the reality of research, mate!

A research mentor is a very essential and of importance to a student to not only guide and support them in their research but also give them insight, help them in their career, and promote their personal and professional development. Their experience gives them a perspective of the bigger picture providing the student with advice, making observations, and giving constructive feedback, keeping novice researchers from losing their way. Other perks include achieving external research grants, increased productivity, better time management, and then some.


we give our word in keeping your research related details maninted with utmost conifdentiality and will not be disclosed. Under the occassion of public display of our services, all related information will be puclished only after recieving porper consent.

Cross our hearts! Your privacy our priority

We join hand to increase Mental Health Awareness #mentalhealthmatters #SpeakUp

Not everyone notices one when they are on their journey, but only when they hit the final lap and bring home the victory. The path of a researcher is an odyssey paved with notable experiences, hardships, and achievements. They make plans and goals for their research and complete it within an expected time. But when factors, tangible and intangible, affect their research, making those goals further from reachable, it brings down a person and affects them mentally, in turn affecting their physical body.

Many societies consider mental health only a delusion and can be treated with simple medication or by “not thinking about it". Several students unaware or hesitant to speak up about their mental health issues have taken wrong or rather drastic turns in their lives. It is our ambition to increase awareness and help as many students as possible to reach their research goals and support them in their research journey.